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Salsomaggiore, Italy

Salsomaggiore Terme is in the province of Parma, Italy, a land which is rich in history and art, located in the green pre-Apennine valley. It has a tempered climate and is full of healthy vapors (mineral springs). It is a very striking town set in a quiet location with many parks scattered throughout the town. Salsomaggiore offers its guests a particularly pleasant stay, with the addition of the traditional good hospitality of its inhabitants.

Salsomaggiore first became known as a thermal town at the beginning of the 19th century, due to its famous doctor Lorenzo Berzieri (after whom the monumental Berzieri Terme, which is world famous for its unique Art Nouveau style and oriental decorations, is named). Lorenzo Berzieri was the first to experiment the therapeutic qualities of the rich mineral waters, which were known and used in the olden days for the extraction of salt.

Dr. Berzieri cured a little girl suffering from a severe form of osteitis, who had been considered clinically incurable, with the waters.

Salsomaggiore offers a wide range of activities for relaxation such as walks and excursions in an unpolluted country-side, never ending artistic, cultural and social events. It also offers many sports and leisure activities. All this makes Salsomaggiore not only a moment of health care, but a real holiday. Theatre, cinema, sports centers, swimming pools, golf course, mini-golf course, tennis courts, horse-riding, night clubs and dance halls represent the best cure for the spirit and the health programs of the terme of Salsomaggiore and Tabiano, which are constantly updated, take care of the body.

Salsomaggiore is located about two to three hours south of Milan and about a six-hour train ride away from Rome. The towns of Pisa, Parma (famous for creating Parmesan cheese) and Venice are also within a day's drive.

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