Pizza Factory Inc., franchising 130 “We Toss’em, They’re Awesome” Pizza Factory restaurants in the western United States have added a new salad to their menu line. Marketing materials were developed to promote Greek salads and Greek pizzas featuring Feta cheese as a topping.

Company co-founders Danny Wheeler and Ron Willey are recognizing the impact of the rising cost of wheat and cheese. Developing more salads for the franchise is a way to offset the increased costs by providing customers with fresh salads which can be high profit items for the stores.

All mid and full size Pizza Factory restaurants offer full salad bars with a variety of toppings. In addition Pizza Factory restaurants currently offer specialty salads such as an Antipasto Salad, Caesar Salad (with or without chicken), Tuna Salad, and now the Greek Salad. A few units are testing Taco Salads which will be implemented throughout the franchise this summer.

The addition of more salads on the menu will not take away from Pizza Factory’s famous award-winning pizzas which are hand-tossed and made to order. Rather they will enhance the product line, create new offerings for loyal customers and generate added sales for Pizza Factory franchisees.

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