INDIANAPOLIS, March 21, 2008 — Following safe practices when setting up, cleaning and operating a conveyor oven helps protect everyone in the kitchen.

When setting up a conveyor oven for the first time, read the manufacturer’s owners’ manual completely for specifics on spacing and ventilation requirements. It is a good rule of thumb to allow at least six inches between the oven and the wall, and to allow at least 24 inches between the oven and other equipment in the kitchen. Basic ventilation should be in place to remove heat and cooking odors for both gas and electric conveyor ovens, with extra ventilation required for gas ovens to remove the products of combustion.

Some conveyor ovens can be stacked upon each other; however, not all ovens are capable of being stacked. Refer to the owners’ manual to see if a specific model is stackable, and for information on appropriate stacking techniques. Even if the oven is stackable, do not exceed more than three machines atop one another.

Once the oven is correctly set up, train employees early on to instill safe habits during operation. Advise employees to keep long hair, loose clothing and dangling jewelry away from the conveyor belt. Hanging objects risk getting caught in the belt, which could cause injury to the operator or to the machine.

Also, keep in mind that the temperature of the room the equipment is being used should not exceed 95°F. Operating the equipment in temperatures above 95°F could result in equipment malfunction.

To keep the conveyor oven running smoothly, clean the machine everyday. Once the oven has completely cooled after usage, wipe down the exterior of the machine with a mix of mild detergent and water. Clean the interior of the unit and the crumb tray by gently sweeping out loose particles. Wipe out the crumb tray with the detergent and water mixture and finish by cleaning the conveyor belt with a clean cloth. Each week, the conveyor, feeding areas and holding areas should be completely disassembled and cleaned with detergent and water.

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