Russo’s New York Pizzeria Bites into Gluten-Free Pizza Line

HOUSTON – For nearly 20 years, Texans have flocked to Russo’s New York Pizzeria and Russo’s Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen for an authentic Italian meal and New York style pizza. On the heels of the restaurant’s recent addition of gluten-free pizza to the menu, consumers will soon be able to find Chef Anthony Russo’s new gluten-free pizza line in their local grocery stores.

As a growing number of consumers are leaning towards gluten-free options for dietary restrictions, Russo’s new line of pizzas will offer an authentic, but healthy Italian option for consumers. From the pizza crust to the cheese, all components of the pizza will be 100 percent gluten-free. In addition, the facility the pizzas will be produced in will be gluten-free.

“As gluten-free products have become a larger demand in the United States, we wanted to do our part by providing consumers with a great tasting and healthy meal, and something they can throw in their oven after a long day of work,” Anthony Russo, Founder of Russo’s New York Pizzeria and Russo’s Coal Fired Italian Kitchen, said. “As the company remains passionate about freshness, only the finest ingredients will go into our gluten-free pizzas. While we will initially launch the product line in Texas, we look forward to introducing the pizzas nationwide over the next several years.”

The new pizza line will initially launch onto retail shelves in Central Texas in 2012 and pizzas will be available in six different varieties, including Greek, New York Style, Margherita, Chicken Rustica, Pepperoni and Italian Mozzarella, as well as Mulberry. All pizzas will be made with 100 percent fresh mozzarella. The pizza crust will be Vegan, made with rice flour, tapioca flour, potato starch and extra-virgin olive oil, infused with honey and Italian seasonings. All pizzas will also include a Chef Anthony Russo family recipe, dating all the way back from the 1930’s in Avellino, Italy.

In addition, the Chef Anthony Russo brand will be offering a shelf stable pre-made gluten-free pizza crust for those interested in trying out their own pizza recipe.

Furthermore, the brand is also launching an organic extra-virgin olive oil made with Sicilian olives, which is cold pressed and unfiltered. Russo’s Organic Olive Oil line can be already be found in Central Market stores throughout Texas. Future products on the horizon also include fresh made gourmet pasta sauces, gourmet salad dressings, gourmet dipping blends, and a line of gourmet spice blends.

Scott Treadaway will spearhead the product line’s expansion into retail stores as the newly appointed Director of Sales. With more than 20 years of experience in the food industry, Treadaway has spent time with food giant Nestle USA, as well as Red Monkey Foods, which  is one of the nation’s fastest growing private label gourmet spice suppliers.

“I am excited to be on board to help Chef Russo expand his pizza line and organic extra-virgin olive oil on a national level,” Treadaway said. “Chef Anthony’s restaurants have become a gathering place for families. The new line of products will help make dinner time for families at home more enjoyable.”

For more information on Chef Anthony Russo’s retail line, contact Scott Treadaway at (713) 821-1784 or

About Russo’s New York Pizzeria and Russo’s Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen

Russo’s operates with a simple promise: “If it isn’t fresh, don’t serve it.” Founded in 1992 by Chef Anthony Russo, Russo’s New York Pizzeria is known as the only place to find authentic New York Pizza and Italian dishes in Texas. Russo launched his Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen concept to complement the Pizzeria in 2008, with an expanded selection of Italian menu items.  Current company operations include 28 restaurants in three states, with plans for significant expansion through franchising in key U.S. markets already underway. For more information and to learn about available franchise opportunities visit