Pizza News

Romney Pulls Cheese Off His Pizza

"" reports, “When it comes to Mitt Romney’s appearance, most of the talk is about his wind-resistant hair and Ken doll looks.”

“But the Republican presidential hopeful is also pretty slim and trim for a 64-year-old. How does he keep the pounds off?  Mike Allen and Evan Thomas take a look at Romney’s exercise and diet plan in “POLITICO Playbook 2012: The Right Fights Back,” a Random House eBook out Wednesday.”

“From the eBook: ‘Romney paced himself. A dutiful jogger, Romney runs three miles every morning, on jogging trails, on a treadmill in the gym, even around and around the hotel (often a Marriott), if there‘s no place else to go. If he has a slice of pizza, he pulls the cheese off the top. Usually, Romney dines on turkey breast, rice, and broccoli, chased by water or maybe a Diet Coke. In South Carolina, for a big treat, he might visit a Bojangles‘ for the fried chicken. Romney relished KFC, but pulled off the skin.’”