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Roadkill Meat Pizza: A new spin on Toppings

According to a report from, “An Indiana man hopes to market a new line of literal roadkill pizza where the toppings would be scooped out of the remains the animals killed in road. Named as Roadkill Frozen Pizza, inventor Ira Scott is literally on-the-road picking up roadkill and making frozen pizza pies out of highway flattened critters.”

The article said, “To the relief of customers, the roadkill pizza comes in a ‘cheesy’ strange looking cardboard pizza box with a tire track running through the middle of the pie.”

The report stated: “Though still under development, Scott tried his unique highway pizza concept out on his college friends without letting them know. To his surprise they loved it, which encouraged him to do it for real.”

Scott was quoted in the article as saying, “The type of animals you accidentally run over while driving your car determines the flavor profile of your pizza, it’s the ultimate mystery meat lover’s experience. Toppings differ only by the geographical region, alligator in Florida or armadillo in Texas and perhaps flattened ground hog in Pennsylvania.”

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