According to, “Persistent flooding in the upper Plains states have caused flour prices to increase dramatically since mid-March, making it more expensive for flour products to be made.”

“The price hike is being felt locally by bakeries and pizzerias. The effect has not surfaced widely in grocery prices, but hammers small businesses, said Richard Volpe, a U.S. Department of Agriculture economist who tracks retail food prices. ‘It’s the smaller guys, the pizza shops and bakeries, that are seeing huge increases,’ Volpe said. ‘It doesn’t hit the larger processors and get transmitted to the retail price level to a large extent.'”

“Peter Russo, owner of Roma Pizzeria on West Market Street in Pottsville, said prices have been increasing for several years. ‘Flour has gone from $8 or $10 to $22 for us, that’s a 250 percent increase,’ Russo said. ‘It’s not as bad as it was a few years ago when it was over $30.'”

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