Rinspeed Makes Six-Wheel Smart Car That Heats Pizzas

"" reports, “In one Smart-sized swoop, Rinspeed has solved all of our problems with electric cars, cold pizza, and carpenters.”

“The Swiss concept automaker has released the first photos of its Dock+Go, a detachable, self-powered storage box that sticks on the back of an electric Smart ForTwo. In one instance, the Dock+Go is a second powertrain that extends the Smart’s driving range with a rolling battery, hydrogen fuel cell, or better still, a gasoline engine. Instead of a stubby trailer, Rinspeed describes the Dock+Go as an add-on “pack” since it plugs directly into the car’s rear axle to drive the wheels.”

A”nother proposed version involves an electric oven that turns the Smart into “the dream car of any pizza delivery driver,” Rinspeed says. Yet another “pack” is a complete toolbox for fashionable, environmentally-conscious contractors. A cooler full of 30-rack beers – not out of the question for the “beach or party pack” – would probably best help Smart’s sluggish sales in the US.”