Rich Products Launches New Foodservice Microsite to Highlight Truth About Aerosol Whipped Topping Cans Vs. Bagged Topping Details Differences in Safety, Yield, Performance & Sustainability

Buffalo, NY, February 3, 2009 – Leading foodservice supplier Rich Products Corporation launched, a new foodservice microsite designed to provide chefs and operators with information and peer insights into the benefits of using bagged whipped topping vs. aerosol whipped topping cans. The site addresses the rising number of foodservice entities looking for ways to differentiate their kitchens by turning to “greener” products that help reduce food waste and costs, while improving food quality and safety.

A review of Rich’s® On Top® ready-to-use pastry-style bag whipped topping compared to aerosol whipped topping cans found there were four key areas of differences which are highlighted on the site:

1.         Safety– aerosol cans offer several disadvantages including: food contamination as fingers touch the dispensing nozzle and often the topping that comes out; kitchen safety as pressurized cans can explode when they get too close to heat; and product abuse as employees can use the nitrous oxide in the can as an inhalant (commonly known as huffing)

2.         Yield– recent research tests found aerosol cans typically yield about 81.5% of product vs. Rich’s® On Top® yields 100% of product; the benefit to foodservice is clear as they can get the most product for their money as product costs are associated with product weight

3.         Performance– aerosol toppings use technology that is unstable so it quickly wilts and runs in seconds vs. Rich’s® On Top® retains form on hot & cold dishes, adding more value, visual appeal and enhanced flavor

4.         Sustainability– according to the EPA, aerosol cans use gaseous propellants, like N20, which is 300 times worse than CO2 for heating the atmosphere


The site also offers operator video testimonials, instant polls and details about Rich’s® On Top® dispensing options.

“Our new microsite reflects our desire to aggressively disseminate the truth to chefs and operators so they can continue to make the best, most informed decisions regarding the products they offer patrons,” said Robert Curtis, Director at Rich Products Corporation. “The site also further demonstrates Rich’s mission to meet the evolving needs of the foodservice industry and remain at the forefront of product development.”

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