Do you keep track of who visits your pizzeria and who has stopped coming altogether? Keeping track of such data allows you to target your marketing according to customers’ purchasing habits, turn occasional guests into regulars and potentially recapture lost business. It all starts with Signature Systems’ powerful point-of-sale system, PDQ POS, which allows you to develop robust customer loyalty and sponsorship programs that can drive traffic for years to come.

Loyalty programs build business by letting customers earn points toward a free or discounted food item, incentivizing them to choose your pizzeria over competitors’ stores. Whereas these promotions once required punch cards that customers presented during checkout, the PDQ POS system helps streamline the process while providing valuable data on participating guests. With information such as email addresses, phone numbers and important dates, you can provide targeted offers in a range of ways—from email and texting to direct mail—and create enticing specials for customers’ birthdays and anniversaries. Your customers will enjoy the easy-to-use interface that allows them to log in and check their pizza points online and determine how far they have to go before their next milestone.

Sponsorship programs are another great way to build goodwill in your community while boosting sales. With flexible parameters, percentages can be set on certain food items or total sales to determine the funds that the pizzeria will donate. This approach helps create incentives for fundraising groups to actively promote your pizzeria. For your part, you can publicize the organizations with window signage and even a fundraiser thermometer that indicates their progress. Wrap up the project with a call to the local media and a public presentation of the check.

These loyalty and sponsorship programs can be easily carried out with the PDQ POS system. Customers are identified with their phone numbers, and all of their information is accessible by the pizzeria. Funds raised in sponsorships are automatically calculated by the system to prevent human error. And PDQ POS’s system tracks and targets customers according to their interests for precise and effective marketing.

Signature Systems’ PDQ POS provides complete POS solutions, including hardware, software and 24/7 support via a live service line, so you’ll always get the help you need, even during a late-night rush.

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