(Press Release) Houston, Texas, September 12, 2012–Smartphone technology has taken over the modern world, there’s no doubt about that. A recent study indicated that approximately 46 percent of Americans are now using smartphones, and they are using mobile applications on these devices now more than ever. Restaurant operators who are implementing mobile apps and online ordering are positioning themselves ahead of their competition by leaps and bounds. 

Revention’s online ordering platform, HungerRush, has been established as a top product for several years; once the HungerRush Mobile App was introduced, the company’s online solutions had already gained substantial success. The popularity of the mobile app was instantaneous with both restaurateurs and customers alike, being incredibly easy to implement and use. 

Just like the HungerRush Online Ordering site, the HungerRush Mobile App is streamlined and customized specifically for each individual restaurant. It’s the most secure and stable product on the market, with more active apps than any other comparable company. To date, Revention has produced over 30 customized mobile apps for clients. Customer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive; evidence of this is present in a significant number of customer reviews on iTunes. Furthermore, the data collected continues to prove that restaurants using Revention’s mobile apps are increasing their sales. A recent poll indicated that 3 out 5 clients that began using Revention’s mobile apps in 2012 have noticed a marked increase in store profits. 

“It’s amazing how online ordering customers are responding to the mobile apps. Some of our HungerRush clients are reporting that mobile orders on average make up 15% of their online sales!” stated Jennifer Johnson, HungerRush Product Manager. 

The features and benefits of the HungerRush Mobile App are plentiful – like traditional HungerRush, the mobile app sends orders directly to the Revention POS located in the restaurant. The app flows seamlessly and logically steps the customer through all aspects of the ordering process. It works hand in hand with the HungerRush Online Ordering site, so that customers who are already using a restaurant’s online ordering platform are instantly ready to order from the mobile app, too. When a restaurant updates their online menu, the mobile app automatically updates, as well; in fact, the same rules of synchronization apply for most actions a restaurant can update via the internet (hours of operation, discounts and coupons, and so on). On both ends of the spectrum – from the customer’s order to the restaurant’s completion of that order – the entire process is streamlined and easy to use.

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