Revention’s New Mapping Solution

Owners/operators working in the pizza industry know that when it comes to delivery, lost drivers cost time and money – two things that no one can afford to lose these days. When you factor in the current cost of gasoline, the loss is even greater. Revention’s Mapping Solution, NavPoint, has always been the fastest mapping software in the industry, but the company never stops looking for a way to make great features even greater. Revention is excited to announce the release of NavPoint 2.0, an updated version of their trusted and reliable NavPoint Mapping Solution for the pizza delivery segment.

Revention’s NavPoint 2.0 mapping software is more detailed than ever before and still remains the fastest in the industry. The entirety of the United States and Canada falls within the jurisdiction of the program, and while other POS companies are using outdated mapping software and data files that are 4-5 years old, NavPoint 2.0 updates are available every 30 days, ensuring that delivery drivers have the most accurate and up-to-date information available. Some POS companies rave that they can draw streets on their maps if a new street is added, but this makes little difference if the mapping data they are working with is outdated – in many cases by 5 years or more. This causes problems, most notably because it would force you to draw your own maps all too frequently. This wastes time and time is a commodity that pizzerias offering delivery don’t have an excess of.

Time, as they say, is money – with NavPoint 2.0, your drivers will no longer miss streets and get lost in unfamiliar territory. Not only does the program print detailed and up-to-date maps, but text directions print out along with the maps, helping to ensure deliveries are always on time. NavPoint and NavPoint 2.0 have been tested and both have been proven to be faster than other often-used solutions such as MapPoint, and no other competitor in the industry can match NavPoint 2.0 on speed, accuracy and reliability.

“Providing up-to-date map data is key to growing areas of the country,” stated Laura Gaudin, Revention Product Manager. “Why be forced to draw your map when the map data is publicly available online?” Save time, save money, save fuel and get your drivers there on time with NavPoint 2.0, only available through Revention.


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