Revention, a leading provider of restaurant point of sale (POS) and mobile & online ordering solutions, today announced the launch of Revention Tablet POS to complement their industry-leading POS system. With Revention Tablet POS, restaurant owners will benefit from ultimate mobility as well as maximum uptime. Revention Tablet POS is designed to operate both online and offline to improve employee productivity, improve efficiencies and enhance the customer experience. Revention Tablet POS integrates with the Revention POS system so both workstation and tablet POS run together and provide a seamless software experience across all devices.

Revention Tablet POS is designed to maximize revenue by processing orders quicker, busting long lines, and equipping restaurant servers to work more efficiently so they can spend more time providing a great customer experience. The Tablet POS seamlessly integrates with Revention POS systems to provide centralized and comprehensive data and visibility related to their other integrated services such as mobile & online ordering, loyalty program, reporting and management. In addition, it provides secure and flexible payment processing via chip cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, gift cards and much more.

“We are pleased to offer innovative tablet POS technology so our clients can experience less downtime, optimal mobility, and increased profitability,” said Rahul Bakshi, vice president of product & marketing at Revention. “We have always strived to deliver technology solutions that address the needs and concerns of our clients, and we are excited by the opportunity to answer the call for mobility regardless of internet connectivity.”

For more information or a demonstration, click here.

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