Revention POS $15,000 Giveaway Awarded to Fregenes Pizza

Fregene’s Pizza Wins BIG in Las Vegas with Revention POS

“It was surreal, as if everything just went into slow motion,” says Jeff Howard, President of Fregene’s Pizza, based in Petaluma, California.  I couldn’t even believe it when she called my name.” 

That was Jeff’s initial reaction when his entry was drawn allowing Fregene’s to win the Revention POS $15,000 Giveaway at the 2007 International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas.  “Once the initial shock wore off, things just went crazy, people buzzing around, a lot of excitement and cameras flashing, people shaking my hand and introducing themselves.  It was a truly amazing and unforgettable experience!”

Glenn Cybulski, Fregene’s CEO, Founder and Executive Chef adds:  ”The International Pizza Expo was an incredible event for us across the board, but it’s always great to go to Vegas and come back such a huge winner!  We had just competed in the International Pizza Competition earlier in the day so the rest of us were taking a break when the drawing was going on.  Jeff heard them announce the ‘must be present to win’ drawing over the intercom, took off to the Revention booth and next thing we knew…we won this awesome Revention POS system!” 


Howard continues:  “We were already planning an upgrade to our POS system for our expansion when we kept hearing Revention being recommended by some of the top pizza consultants speaking at the seminars.  Glenn said, ‘Hey, you really need to go down and check out Revention.’ So we did.  We were seriously looking at another company’s system but the Revention system really stood out to us.

CEO Cybulski adds:  “…we like Revention POS so much that we’re outfitting all three of our current locations with the system, plus the new one we’ll be opening in the next 45 days.  We’re also in the final stages of our franchise process now and we will be using the Revention system in all of our stores.”

Based in the heart of the Northern California’s wine country, Fregene’s Pizza currently has three Sonoma County pizzerias located in Petaluma, Cotati and Sebastopol and is opening a fourth location in Santa Rosa by summer.  For more information please visit


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