Houston, TX. – Revention, Inc. recently celebrated a record breaking sales year in 2011, and now that 2012 has arrived, the company is gearing up for a continued trend of success in the coming year. Revention expects 2012 to be a tremendous year of growth and expansion, with exciting technological and product developments on the horizon. The company’s record breaking sales in 2011 have been directly attributed to Revention’s commitment to remaining current with state-of-the-art technology. Further developments in this segment will logically have a very powerful impact on the company’s future achievements.

These advanced developments are set to begin immediately. Revention plans to kick off the expansion and enhancement of its Research and Development department by moving the division to a newly acquired office space, apart from the main offices. Revention intends to use the ample new space to focus solely on developing even more sophisticated and streamlined technology for the company’s existing line of products, as well as conceiving and actualizing future products, which are planned to launch in 2012. Revention’s Research and Development division is led by Rick Doyle, CTO, who is also augmenting his team of developers by taking on new team members. The growing Research and Development Team is already flourishing in the new space, embarking on the exploration of new technological advancements.

“This is the year of development for Revention.  We feel we have successfully become one of the leading point of sale providers in the country. We now have to make sure we continue to add additional products to maintain our one stop shop approach, and ensure our point of sale software remains new and fresh and better than our competition,” stated Rick Doyle, CTO.

Revention’s flagship POS system consistently leads the way in technological advancement, and the December 2011 release of their highly anticipated HungerRush Online Ordering V 2.0, designed using the cutting edge platform Microsoft Silverlight, was the technologically sophisticated crowning jewel in a record breaking year of success.

“Revention recognizes how quickly technology is changing, and it can be difficult to walk the fine line between cutting edge and jumping too quickly into a new technology that may not survive.  I think we have done a great job keeping up with new technology while maintaining a stable and flexible product,” continued Doyle. “By moving our Research and Development division into a new space, our gifted team of developers can now explore new ideas and technology in an atmosphere solely dedicated to development and technological exploration. The possibilities are limitless.”

2012 promises to be another monumental year of growth and possibilities for Revention, Inc. as they continue with their unparalleled success in the restaurant management solutions segment.

About Revention, Inc.
Revention is the leading developer of complete, customizable restaurant management solutions designed to streamline the way restaurants do business. Revention’s offerings include point-of-sale solutions, HungerRush integrated online ordering, and Revention Enterprise. Revention’s goal is to provide a complete solution that includes customized installation, training, technical support, and much more. For additional information go to www.revention.com.

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