In this photo from Harper's Facebook page, the slugger signs autographs after joining the Phillies.


Revenge Best Served Hot: Washington Pizzeria Trolls Former Nationals Player

Baseball player Bryce Harper's return to Washington D.C. is met with grade-A pizza pettiness.


The Philadelphia Phillies are facing the Washington Nationals tonight in Nationals Park for a rare five-game series. For the Phillies’ right fielder Bryce Harper, the homecoming won’t be pleasant.

After a near-decade with the Nationals, Harper signed a 13-year, $330 million contract with Philadelphia on March 2, 2019, one of the largest contracts in MBA history.  The Nationals fanbase felt heartsick from his departure. Now a D.C.-headquartered pizza chain, &pizza, is getting sweet revenge with a limited-time promotion.

&pizza declared that every time Harper strikes out against the Nationals, it will sell pizzas for $3. The offer stands from September 23 to 26, and the fans must text #UROUT to 200-03 within 30 minutes of the strikeout to claim the discount. The best part? The discount applies everywhere, even for fans outside of Washington D.C.

The marketing ploy attracted internet-wide attention.

Is it mean? Probably. Was it mean of Harper to leave the Nationals after nine years? Maybe. Will the pizza be delicious? Without a doubt.