Revd Up Pi Turns A NYC Classic Into Healthy Power Food

""New York, NY, October 2010: Aiming to “lead a pizza revolution,” Revd Up Pi (451 3rd Avenue, at 31st Street, New York, NY 10016, 212-679-3743, will serve all natural and organic New York style pizza but with a fraction of the carbs, salt, fat, and cholesterol typical of this calorie laden, oil dripping staple.  Clocking in at only 170 calories, Revd Up Pi’s average cheese slice is a fraction of what its competitors weigh in at. Revd Up Pi has less than 5 grams of fat (only 2.5g of saturated fat!), 17 grams of carbohydrates and only 300mg of sodium, not to mention a plentiful 6 grams of fiber per slice and an option to further rev it up with cutting edge antioxidants, probiotics, energy, slimming and other vitalizing boosters.   Known as “Revvers,” these proprietary blends of supplements come in three varieties, including “Energize,” “Slenderize,” and “Vitalize.”  While committed to maintaining the integrity of pizza, Revd Up Pi went above and beyond to upgrade the health and nutritional factors in order to fit this classic into a well-balanced lifestyle.

Revd Up Pi will offer two signature sugar-free crusts infused with fiber, a 16-grain and counting, composed of carefully selected wholesome grains and seeds, including barley, oats, amaranth, quinoa, sorghum, teff, rye, flax, etc. and an Organic White unbleached crust.  Organic tomato sauces are infused with functional fiber. All the cooking is done with nine stage-filtered water, low-sodium sea salt, award winning organic olive oil and the freshest ingredients available. Toppings will include lean proteins such as grilled organic chicken, free-range turkey sausage, homemade all-natural turkey meatballs, sautéed scallops, shrimp and turkey pepperoni.  Fresh produce from local farmers and sustainable vendors will be abundant and Revd Up Pi will make most of their cheese in-house including fresh mozzarella, along with a reduced fat ricotta. The pizza will be delivered in their signature round pizza boxes, which are compostable and oven safe!

Founder and CEO Alexander Melamedov spent most of his adolescence in Bensonhurst, where he came to love pizza but realized, as an adult pizza did not love him back, or more so it loved to add on the pounds!  He quit cold turkey in order to maintain a lean and healthy lifestyle, but became determined to figure out a way to develop healthy yet delicious brick-oven pizza that would promote wellness, longevity and improve physique.  After years of recipe and concept development, Revd Up crew is proud to introduce guilt-free pizza with a purpose!

Pies are low in calories, sodium, carbohydrates and fat, yet high in fiber (which is proven to improve calcium absorption and overall health) and protein, a big difference from other NYC and national brand pizza chains.  When compared side by side to a slice of Sbarro’s® regular cheese pizza, Revd beats the competition across the board.




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Pizza selections include the Revd 3.14 Pi, a classic NYC parlor pizza with low-fat mozzarella; the Full Throttle Pi, all-natural fresh mozzarella, hearty tomatoes and fresh basil; Marathon Grandpa Pi, a pan baked, thicker crust square pi with fresh mozzarella and Revd Up marinara (their answer to the Grandma slice); Vim & Vigor Pi, a vegetarian delight made with artichokes, zucchini, mushrooms, and eggplant; the Mighty Mushroom Pi with portabella, shitake and maitake mushrooms over fresh mozzarella and truffle oil; and the Neptune Pi with grilled shrimp, bay scallops and calamari in a spicy fra’diavalo sauce.

In addition to their signature pies, Revd Up Pi has created a well-rounded menu that includes refreshing salads, delicious sandwiches such as Turkey Meatball Parm, Revd Up Turkey Sausage, and traditional Italian entrees such as organic whole-wheat Baked Ziti, Organic Grilled Chicken Parmigiana, grilled wild salmon and more.


Designed with the environment in mind, Revd Up Pi is in a position to become Manhattan’s greenest restaurant by Green Restaurant Association standards and is currently applying for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Certification, the most coveted stamp of “green” approval in the design world.


Among the impressive yet accessible green elements, the water is filtered through nine stage reverse osmosis and deionization system; the energy is generated by solar powered panels and wind turbines; the air is filtered through green precipators making it cleaner and greener than the air outside; the materials are all recycled and repurposed including the tables, chairs, counters, utensils, glassware, etc. 


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