Retail Survey Report: Chuck E. Cheese, Wendy’s, Domino’s Pizza

By: Tickermine   Friday, July 18, 2008 8:51 AM
Sectors: Retail/Wholesale
Symbols: CEC, DPZ, WEN 
Chuck E. Cheese’s Birthday Customers Spending More on Games Than Food

During birthday parties, Chuck E. Cheese’s customers spend more money on games (62%) than on food (38%). The average bill for a birthday party varies widely: 29% of Chuck E. Cheese locations said it’s less than $100, 18% said between $100 and $150, 29% said between $151 and $200, and 21% said between $225 and $300. Half the locations polled said fewer than 50% of their customers are attending birthday parties; 47% said between half and three-quarters of their customers are there for birthdays. Pepperoni pizza is the most popular item on the menu, according to 56% of locations polled. Seventy-one percent of Chuck E. Cheese’s locations are near other pizza restaurants; when asked how those restaurants’ levels of business compared with Chuck E. Cheese’s, responses varied.

Wendy’s Customers Aren’t Impressed with The New Chicken Salad

Wendy’s International Inc., was quizzed by Tickermine surveyors this week just after the hamburger chain announced its second-quarter, same store sales. We asked whether lunch customers trumped those at dinner? Has business risen since unveiling the new chicken salad? What is the most popular menu item? And how long as your location been around? 31 stores were consulted. We found that 77% of those polled reported lunch to be the busiest shift. Dinner was seriously lagging, and cited only by 23% of those polled. 42% of respondents notice considerable spikes in clientele since introducing the new chicken salad to the menu. But 58% noticed no improvement at all. The good ol’ Old Fashion Hamburger combo is the most popular menu item according to 23 of those polled. 17% cited the Bacon-ator hamburger and 7% mentioned the Spicy Chicken Go Wrap. Three percent of those polled said their location was newer than one year but 97% said their location was older than that.

44% of Domino’s Pizza Respondents View Pizza Hut as their Biggest Threat

Domino’s Pizza Inc. announced its second quarter results will be aired next Tuesday, July 22nd. In the interim, Tickermine researchers approached 34 Dominoes locations nationwide about the most popular pizza deal, with the business was up or down from a year ago and who is their primary competition? The Gottham City Pizza deal (one large pepperoni pizza for $9.99) is their most popular menu item currently according to 24 respondents or 71% of those polled. The “444 deal,” the “cheese pizza” and the “3 medium one topping for $5.55 each when buying 3 or more” specials were also mentioned. 16 respondents or 47% of those interviewed said they were just as busy this month as last month. 12 people or 35% said they were busier and six people or 18% said business was down. 15 people or 44% of those interviewed cited Pizza Hut as their major threat. Nine people or 26% were more wigged out by Papa John’s Pizza, while three people or 9% cited Little Ceasar’s as their bigger threat.