Restaurants Can Place Orders With One Click

Washington, DC, June 10, 2016– BlueCart’s web and mobile ordering platform allows restaurants to place all their orders in one-click, giving the food industry a way to manage important relationships through improved communication. With more than 8,000 restaurants and suppliers on the platform, BlueCart continues to address the demands of the fast growing industry via three platforms; the restaurant portal, the vendor portal and a sales rep app.

“We’ve always believed that everyone in this industry — regardless of the size of their farm, warehouse, kitchen, or bank account — should have access to the latest tools and technology,” states Konstantin Zvereff, CEO. BlueCart address a problem in the food industry that is seen by food professionals. BlueCart offers everything the back of house operator might need from reducing time spent ordering to unnecessary waste of food due to untimely deliveries. BlueCart provides a digital paper trail so that all orders are accountable. BlueCart also includes in-app messaging, customizable order guides, cut-off time for orders and detailed analytics.

"We used to deal with paper receipts. It was a mess,” says Lena Laskaris, Director of Operations at Red Apron Butchery. “Now, with BlueCart, I save at least 6 hours per week."

BlueCart is an award winning SaaS start-up. BlueCart launched in 2014 offering free ordering mobile platforms to the restaurant and hospitality industry for the purposes of modernizing the ordering process between buyers and suppliers. BlueCart received $4 Million in Series A Funding and has offices in Washington DC, New York City and San Francisco with over 8,000 users on its platform.