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Restaurant Loves Dogs Puppy Pizza, Anyone?

According to a news report from, “You could say an Escondido restaurant offers a menu that is so doggone tail-waggin’ good that patrons wolf down their entrees, howl their appreciation and hound their servers for more.”

“Of course, that would mean hefty fines from the writing police for abuse of the language and flagrant overuse of clichés,” said the story. “So let’s just say that Vinnie Griffin, looking for an out-of-the-ordinary way to promote his wine bar and restaurant, landed on encouraging customers to bring their dogs to dinner. “What can you do that’s different? What can you do that’s fun?” Griffin said to explain his thought process. Griffin’s business, the Vinz Wine Bar on Grand Avenue in downtown Escondido, held its first Doggie Night on Wednesday, complete with a separate canine menu. Griffin, 48, said he found suppliers back East who sell 8-inch Puppy Pizzas, in cheese, bacon or pepperoni, and 12-ounce bottles of Doggie Brew: chicken-flavored Dogger Lager; pork-flavored Amber Bark and Wet Snout Stout, “with an all-natural beef flavor.” For dog owners, there’s wine from the Woof ‘n Rose Winery in Ramona.”