According to a news report from, “The country’s restaurants are waking up the challenge of running fast with their hands and legs tied.”

“Call it growing up pains or inheritance of the Licence Raj, those who make a business out of a growing middle class that loves to eat out in a booming, post-reform economy are realising that they have to get organised about the business of running eateries, which is lucrative but full of roadblocks,” said the story. “Last week, 513 members of the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) gathered in  Delhito plot a course of action to collectively reduce their common burden, but are still grappling with the details. To start with, NRAI is identifying an agency to study the market size, characteristics and growth potential of the industry. That hopefully should give some structure to this unorganised industry, NRAI officials say. The growth pangs are strong. In about a month’s time, NRAI hopes to add 200 more members to its ranks. One of the biggest challenges facing the industry is the prospect of getting licences from municipal authorities and getting clearances from the police. The process is tedious, and not something easy for those who would rather worry about the favourite menus of demanding customers.”

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