Restaurant Association Fights New York Fast Food Minimum Wage Hike

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) has filed a petition claimingNew York's minimum wage increase for restaurant workers is Gov. Andrew Cuomo's way of dodging Constitutionalseparation of powers. The NRA adds thatthe September ruling authorizing the increase was arrived at without input from the restaurant industry. reports the NRA is asking New York's Industrial Board of Appeals to throw out an order from the state's Department of Labor that incrementallyhikes fast food workers minimum payfrom $8.75 to $15-an-hour by July 2021. New York's labor commission approved the increase after Gov. Cuomo went around the state legislature and convened a May panel that recommended$15 as a living wage for fast foodworkers. The raise applies to workers at restaurant chains with more than 30 locations. The NRA's26-page appealcalls Cuomo's actions "blatant executive overreach."

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