Researchers: Pizza herb could prevent 'Winter Vomiting Disease'

We knew pizza was good for you and now researchers at the University of Arizona have proven that a chemical found naturally in America's favorite food can prevent "winter vomiting disease,"which isthe leading cause of vomiting and diarrhea illnesses worldwide. reports anatural chemical in oregano oil – which gives pizza its delicious flavor and smell – could help prevent the spread of norovirus, the culprit in the affliction thatmade recent headlinesafter sickening more than 600 passengers aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Researchers from the University of Arizona found that the chemical, carvacrol, breaks down a tough outer coat of proteins that shield the norovirus, allowing antimicrobial disinfectants to then go in and kill it.The catch: carvacrol works when used as a sanitizer like Lysol, not when eaten with pizza.

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