Report Offers Facebook Tips For Restaurants

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, “Marketing to customers on Facebook is an art many restaurants are still trying to master, but knowing what to post and when to post it can help brands boost engagement with their customers, according to social-marketing firm Vitrue.”


“In its new report, “The Anatomy of a Facebook Post,” the Atlanta-based firm examined effective uses of the site by brands, including restaurants, to reach customers. Reggie Bradford, chief executive of Vitrue, said the continued growth of Facebook and users’ openness to interacting with brands on the site underscore the need for restaurant companies to understand what kind of marketing works on the social network.  ‘There are 500 million consumers on Facebook now, and the vast majority become fans of a brand to get deals or offers,’ Bradford said. ‘On average, a user becomes a fan of two brand pages a month. The QSR category needs to figure out how to maximize their posts’ effectiveness.’ One key finding in Vitrue’s report that was consistent across all brands on Facebook, but more pronounced for quick-service restaurants, was that posts containing an image registered higher levels of engagement than posts containing a video or plain text. Image posts got 136 percent more engagement than video posts and 182 percent more than text posts.”


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