It's show time again and all we can say is "Wow!" This year's New York Pizza Show is surpassing all of our expectations. Last year, you helped make PMQ's New York Pizza Show the biggest pizza show on the East Coast and this year we want to thank you by giving you a show that continues to grow as we are on track for a three-day show in 2006. More seminars, more real-life operator panels, more competitions, more exhibits and more fun! There is no place in the world like New York City and November 1st and 2nd, pizza professionals from all over the world will gather at the Jacob Javits Center to celebrate the New York Pizza Show and the 100th anniversary of pizza in the United States. It all began in November of 1905 with the opening of Lombardi's on Spring Street. This year, Lombardi's John Brescio joins PMQ and the New York Pizza Show in welcoming you to New York with an amazing lineup that will almost guarantee you success.

Last year, the New York Pizza Show had over 40 states and 12 countries attending the two-day event with over 3,000 registered attendees. Based on surveys, this year will be even bigger! "I am so pleased and overwhelmed at how many PMQ readers showed up in New York City in 2004," says publisher Steve Green. "The industry has responded and is contributing to make this a truly great show and we will continue to grow."

Along with powerhouse speakers and operator panels, competitions, free trip giveaways and the best lineup of exhibitors on the East Coast, you will have the opportunity to visit any of hundreds of historic pizzerias, Broadway, Times Square, The Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center and everything that The Big Apple has to offer. Take a look at just a small sampling of what the New York Pizza Show has to offer.

Free Pizza Cruise

If you haven't heard, PMQ is sponsoring the first PMQ Pizza Cruise in January, and someone attending the New York Pizza Show will win a free cruise for two to Cozumel, Montego Bay and George Town. While you travel onboard Carnival Cruise Line's ship Conquest, you will have the opportunities to attend pizza workshops, see U.S. Pizza Team exhibitions, attend group cocktail parties, travel on pizza excursions, attend special group social events and much more. To learn more or purchase a PMQ Pizza Cruise, visit or call Sharon Viotto at 888-799-7215. You can also reserve your cabin at the New York Pizza Show and register for a chance to win a free cruise.

The Slice of History Tours

If you didn't get to go on the Slice of History Tours last year, here's your chance to visit a few of America's historic and legendary pizzerias, but you have to act fast because space is limited to just 50 people per tour. This year we visit the historic Lombardi's Pizza and the legendary John's on Bleecker Street. Each has its own uniqueness and is a must-see for any pizza enthusiast. New York is the birthplace of pizza in America and you'll get to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first pizzeria in the U.S.


Attendees who sign up for the Lombardi's Slice of History Tour will travel from the Jacob Javits Center via tour bus to the oldest pizzeria in America. The bonus this year is you will be visiting on the 100th anniversary of the opening of Lombardi's. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone who owns a pizzeria or is in the pizza business. While there, you will get to sample pizzas and appetizers cooked in Lombardi's famous coal-fired oven. You will also tour the pizzeria and hear owner John Brescio talk about the history of Lombardi's, the Spring Street area and New York pizza. You will also get the opportunity to ask John one-on-one questions about what makes Lombardi's and New York pizza so special. The cost for this tour is $25 and includes food, drink and transportation to and from Lombardi's. Registration is required and is limited to 50 people, so call now to reserve your seat. This tour takes place on November 1st and is the only restaurant tour by Lombardi's being offered to any pizza show in the U.S. "PMQ stands for the independents of this country," John Brescio says. "They are the only ones we will open our doors to for something of this nature and we welcome all the pizzeria owners to drop by an visit Lombardi's on our 100th anniversary."

John's on Bleecker Street

In the heart of Greenwich Village, between 6th and 7th Avenues, you'll find Bleecker Street. Back in the 1920s and 1930s, it was home for many Italian immigrants. From 14th Street to the bridge, it was a family-oriented area. In 1929, John Sasso was working at Lombardi's Pizza on Spring Street and decided to strike out on his own and open his own place, which can still be found on Bleecker Street. What a time to open. It was the middle of the Depression. Back in those years, Bleecker Street was lined with vendors and their pushcarts. It was a great thing, and they still try to keep that same family-oriented atmosphere at John's. While there you will get to sample the classic New York pizzas cooked in the coal-fired oven and hear Bob Vittoria, who is the great nephew of John Sasso, tell the history of John's and about the pizzas they make. "You see, this place has been in our family since 1929, and I've worked here since 1965," Bob says. A true New York classic. This Slice of History Tour takes place on October 31st. The cost for this tour is $25 and includes food, drink and transportation to and from John's. Registration is required and is limited to 50 people.


The Ultimate Pizza Seminar Lineup

You've come to know and trust PMQ for bringing you the best ideas and strategies for pizza marketing and operational issues, and the lineup of seminars and workshops at the New York Pizza Show will outdo anything you've seen before. This show boasts of more seminars and workshops by pizzeria owners and the industry's leading experts than any show you have ever attended. With four operator panels hosted by the country's top pizzeria owners and more than 24 seminars and workshops, you will be blown out of the water! In addition to industry experts like Big Dave "The Pizza Doctor" Ostrander, Tom "The Dough Doctor" Lehmann, Kamron Karington, Mike Rasmussen, PJ Gianinni, Peter Reinhart, Terry Morey, Ron Wilkerson and many others, pizzeria owners EJ Meyers (GoodFella's Old World Brick Oven Pizza), Sean Brauser (Romeo's Pizza), Ben LaMonte (La Nova Pizza), Hugh Philippin (Chic Alors), Scott Anthony (Fox's Pizza Den), Adam Greenberg (Potomac Pizza) and many other pizzeria owners just like you will tell you the secrets to their success. The New York Pizza Show seminar lineup has something for everyone. Topics include: Marketing for Independents, Employee Theft, Seven Deadly Sins of Insurance, How to Conquer the Competition, $5 Pizzas; Beat 'Em At Their Own Game, Using Your POS For Marketing, Dough Issues, Internet Marketing and Online Ordering, Getting the Most Out of Publicity, Off-The-Wall Marketing Strategies, StreetFighter Marketing, Human Resource Secrets; Hiring the Best, and many other workshops and seminars. This is a pizzeria owner's boot camp for success. If you haven't registered for PMQ's New York Pizza Show, don't wait any longer. Go to and click on "Attendees Click Here" to see what you get and register online.

The America's Plate

The U.S. has never seen a gathering of the world's top pizza chefs like the America's Plate Competition at the New York Pizza Show. This year, at least eight pizza makers will bring their country's best pizzas to battle it out to claim the coveted America's Plate from last year's winner, Australia. Competing this year are Italy, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Canada and France. A celebrity panel of judges representing the best culinary experts in the world will judge the competition. Come learn new ideas and recipes from all over the world as pizza makers showcase the talents that have made them the best in their countries. You also need to be there to cheer on the winner from the American Pizza Championships who will represent Team U.S.A.

The American Pizza Championships

Through a series of pizza competitions throughout the United States, eight of the best pizziolos will challenge their skills to be the winner of the American Pizza Championships. This competition will decide who represents Team American in the America's Plate competition.

The U.S. Pizza Team Tryouts

Pizza acrobatics have exploded in the U.S., and you can get in on the action by trying out for the U.S. Pizza Team at the New York Pizza Show. Massive publicity and opportunities await pizza acrobats, but none equal the U.S. Pizza Team's. Winners and team members not only get massive media attention, their sales usually skyrocket – just read the article on Sean Brauser of Romeo's Pizza at At the show, contestants can try out for individual acrobatic dough tossing, fastest pizza maker and largest dough stretch. Winners earn a spot on the 2006 U.S. Pizza Team and a free expense-paid trip to Salsomaggiore, Italy, and the World Pizza Championships. For details and rules, visit or to register, call 662-234-5481 ext 125 or email Also check out the article on page 67 to learn more about the U.S. Pizza Team. So what are you waiting for? Get registered today! To register online, visit or call 203-925-2100 x117. Early bird registration is $50 or $75 at the door. Well see you there. REMEMBER NOVEMBER! 

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