""Dover, N.H., March 10, 2011 – Relyco, a leading provider of value-added business printing solutions, business equipment, and check printing solutions, today announced its REVLARÔ brand of waterproof, tear-resistant, heat tolerant laser paper – providing a cost-effective alternative to expensive and time-consuming paper laminating processes, as the image/document can be directly printed on REVLAR paper.  This “virtually indestructible” synthetic paper can be used for restaurant menus, in-store signs, loyalty cards, door hanger promos. REVLAR is perfect for printing materials on-demand that will be subjected to frequent handlings or extreme environmental conditions.

Fully laser-compatible REVLAR combines the image quality and printability of standard paper with a durability and resilience unmatched by any other product.  REVLAR laser paper is durable as well as impervious to grease and chemicals, and designed to withstand high and low temperature fluctuations. Unlike other papers, REVLAR is made of synthetic materials (polyester) that enable its extreme performance in adverse conditions. Because REVLAR is laser-compatible, users can print material on their own laser printer to save significant time and money.

“The concept of a paper product that can perform under such adverse environmental conditions sounds a little too good to be true, but this paper is truly remarkable.  REVLAR is one of the really innovative products in this industry,” said Mike Steinberg, president of Relyco. “Print a menu on REVLAR today and see how it really shines in its ease of use, cost-savings, and performance over lamination.  Just think about what you could create with paper like this on your own laser printer.”

REVLAR Key Features include:

·         Weatherproof – able to withstand water, heat and temperature variations. Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses.  REVLAR gets a seal of approval from the U.S. Navy Seals for its waterproof capabilities

·         Durable – tear-proof, fade and scuff resistant

·         Multi-Purpose – grease, solvent, chemical, blood & sweat resistant

·         Invulnerable – very high melt point of 450o allows for use on wide range of equipment and applications

·         Promotes Workflow Efficiency and Cost-Savings – eliminates need and cost to laminate with toughness and durability built in

·         Wide Range of Thicknesses Available – 3.7, 4.7, 5.7, 7.7, 10.7 and 13.7 mil

·         Paper-Like Appearance – durable and tough like polyester with the appearance, smoothness and printability of paper – available in wide-range of colors

·         Superior Laser Image Quality – bright white sheets enable high image quality on the finished product

Additionally, REVLAR can be folded, punched, or die cut as needed, making it valuable for literally thousands of applications in a range of industries – including (but not limited to) restaurants and hospitality, retail, education, manufacturing, healthcare, and government.  Examples of REVLAR restaurant applications include:

·         Local Restaurant Menu – REVLAR holds up against handling and spills. Plus, it is affordable enough to print new menus when items or prices change. You do not need to get a commercial printer involved and incur the cost.

·         In-Store Signs – Cling and adhesive REVLAR paper enables you to quickly print and affix signs where you need them. Have a special offer or need to notify customers of an event, quickly print it on REVLAR from your laser printer.

·         Loyalty Cards – The cost of printing and replacing loyalty cards can add up fast. Pre-perforated REVLAR cards can be printed as you need them and withstand the use that they are continually subjected to.

·         Door Hanger Promos – Door hangers are a great way to get your message out. What happens if the weather turns after you’ve spent all that money, time, and effort to distribute them? You don’t need to worry about that with pre-perforated REVLAR door hangers and you can keep your offers and messaging fresh because you are now printing these

REVLAR waterproof laser paper is currently available from Relyco today. For pricing, more information, and how to purchase, contact Relyco by phone at 800.777.7359 or 603.742.0999, by email at info@relyco.com, or visit www.relyco.com.



About Relyco

Relyco is a leading provider of value-added business printing solutions, business equipment, and check printing software with over 10,000 customers worldwide. As one of the largest distributors of laser and digital applications, including laser checks and other high-security documents, Relyco’s long-standing membership in the ASC X9AB check processing committee and extensive experience with fraud prevention strategies and new forms technologies positions it as the most innovative leader in the business printing solutions field. Relyco’s customers include Google, J. Jill, PepsiCo, Samsung, Adobe and Microsoft. For more information, please visit www.relyco.com.

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