Mr. October Adds Extra Power To Al Yeganeh’s ‘Soup Crusade’ Lineup

NEW YORK, March 7 /PRNewswire/ — Soup Kitchen International, the creators of the Zagat-rated soups of Al Yeganeh, the legendary soup man who inspired the “Soup Episode” on Seinfeld, today announced the appointment of Major League Baseball Hall of Fame legend Reggie Jackson as Senior Vice President of Strategic Business Relationships.

“Reggie has been with us from the start — both as an investor and as the Chairman of our charity, “Al Yeganeh’s Feed the Hungry Foundation,” said Robert Bertrand, President of Soup Kitchen International. “We welcome his business savvy and significant scope of influence to the SoupMan management team.”

This year, the company has proudly proclaimed it has embarked upon a “Soup Crusade” — whose mission is to bring Yeganeh’s world-class soups to every state. Currently, there are 32 Original SoupMan franchise locations in 11 states, including two newly opened shops at The University of South Carolina, with Sodexo Inc., a leading provider in food and facilities management services, and another in Albany, NY, where The Original SoupMan has co-branded with the popular Cosimo’s Pizza chain.

The Original SoupMan has also partnered with Cold Stone Creamery, the fastest-growing ice cream concept in the United States, to create several co- branded units, including shops on Astor Place in Manhattan, and in Great Neck, Astoria and Garden City, NY.

The company’s retail line of grab-n-go soups is available in over 3,000 supermarkets throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Mr. Jackson will maintain his role as Chairman of “Al’s Feed the Hungry Foundation”, the a non-profit organization launched by The Original SoupMan in 2005 that donates funds to local hunger charities each time a new franchise location opens. To date, the organization has donated over $40,000 to local soup kitchens and food pantries throughout North America.

About The Original SoupMan

Beginning in 1984, legendary soup man, Al Yeganeh, set the standard for mouth watering, world-renowned soups at his New York City location, Soup Kitchen International. Now with the new retail line of premium, gourmet “heat- n-serve” soups, and The Original SoupMan stores, Al and his team will give the whole world the opportunity to experience soup as it was meant to be. For a complete press kit and more information, visit or call (877)-SOUPMAN.

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