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Washington D.C. – June 2007 –The National Turkey Federation (NTF) will launch a resource on turkey burgers in July as part of the growing 2007 featured product series at The online featured product area consolidates the purchasing information, product varieties and recipes that foodservice professionals seek for introducing or expanding turkey items on their menus.

Turkey burgers are a versatile and easy to use product with broad consumer appeal. It is this combination of factors that explains their longstanding success. Despite being a leaner, lighter protein, turkey burgers deliver a satisfying meal and full flavor. Chef Laurent Tourondel at BLT Burger in New York, NY, finds that “people want to go out and have fun at a burger restaurant and providing turkey gives people a healthier option.”

A connoisseur of all burgers, Chef Tourondel recognizes the specific benefits of turkey. “It has neutral flavor that adapts itself well to different herbs and spices. I predict a growing popularity for the future of ground turkey in restaurant menus,” said Tourondel. The mild, moist meat readily absorbs seasonings for flavor that intensifies while cooking. Signature turkey burgers can also be developed with innovative sauces, another prevalent trend.

Having fewer calories and half the fat of 30 percent lean ground beef, a turkey burger product label may include such statements regarding the positive nutrition profile. Susan Bennet, director of research and development at Cafe Express (Houston, TX), knows the value of catering to Americans’ health interest. Bennet explained, “At Cafe Express, we want to offer our customers a flavorful and healthy burger alternative – the turkey burger provides a lower fat, but high protein, sandwich presentation and that is very appealing to our clientele.” 

“The growth of pre-seasoned turkey burger varieties and of chefs’ own novel turkey burger creations shows the consumer interest in lean eating and new flavors,” comments Sherrie Rosenblatt, NTF’s vice president of marketing and communications.

Convenient pre-formed patties comprised of boneless, skinless turkey meat can be purchased in weights of 3.3 ounces up to 5.5 ounces, with 30 patties to 50 patties packed per case. “The pre-made product reduces our labor costs in the kitchen, an additional benefit,” remarked Bennet. Chefs who prefer greater flexibility may chose ground turkey, which can be purchased as a three pound chub or 10 pound tube. Depending on the type of turkey meat, cases are available containing two pieces to 10 pieces, and total case weights range from 12 pounds to 40 pounds. 

The NTF featured product series highlights a different cut every other month. This year turkey breasts, turkey deli cuts, and now turkey burgers, expand on the 2006 series, which included turkey sausage, turkey cutlets, turkey tenderloins, ground turkey and turkey breast roasts. To browse this area of the site, click on “Learn More About Turkey Burgers” at the home page.

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