Thick Spaghetti with Eggplant, Cherry Tomatoes and Ricotta Salata Sauce


Serves 24


3 lb. thick spaghetti

1.5 lb. eggplant, diced

Sea salt (as needed)

1.5 lb. yellow onion, diced

3 T. all-purpose flour

30 oz. cherry tomatoes, halved


Cook the pasta for half the time indicated on the package, drain and store and cool. Season the eggplant with sea salt. Transfer to colanders or drip pans and place weights on top. Allow to drain for 1 hour.

Rinse excess salt from the eggplant. Sweat the onions and pepper flakes in oil until transluscent. Toss the eggplant with flour and add to the onions. Cook until falling apart.

Remove from heat. Season with salt and pepper. You can cook to this point and reheat later for service.

For each serving, blister 1 1/4 oz. tomatoes in a little oil over high heat for 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Reduce heat to low, add 1/2 c. eggplant sauce and heat until warm. Reheat 1 c. spaghetti in boiling salted water for 40 to 60 seconds. Drain and add it to the sauce. 

Add up to 1/4 c. pasta water to reach the desired sauce consistency. Finish the pasta with 3/4 oz. cheese and a drizzle of oil. Garnish with 1 basil leaf, torn into pieces. 

Additional Information

Category: Pasta
Recipe Source: Manufacturers Pizza
Submitted By: Barilla