Strawberry Pound Cake Bruschetta



Slices of pound cake, 3/4" thick and 21/2" diameter

6 oz. strawberries, trimmed, washed and dried

8 oz. fresh ricotta, lightly flattened and drained if necessary

2 T. honey

Basil or mint, finely julienned

Chocolate sauce


Combine ricotta cheese with honey and set aside. Using a panini griddle, toast rounds of pound cake, then place on a plate and top each with 1.5 tsp. ricotta. Chop approx. 1.5 oz. strawberries and 1/2 T. finely julienned basil or mint per order (try sweeter basil and mint such as chocolate basil and pineapple mint) and mix together.

Place 1 #60 scoop (level, not mounded) strawberry/basil mix on top of ricotta. Drizzle the entire plate with your preferred chocolate sauce and top with the bruschetta.

Makes 20 pieces (4 orders).


Additional Information

Recipe Source: Pizzeria Recipes
Submitted By: Sweet Lorraine's