Steak Pizza


Dough Ingredients:

25 lbs. All Trumps Flour: 100%

7 oz. salt 1.75%

1.5 oz. IDY: 0.375%

8 oz. olive oil 2%

14 lbs. water (60F): 56%


1 tsp. minced garlic

Olive oil, for brushing

Fresh tomato slices, or 4-oz. can Stanislaus 74/40 Tomato Fillets, drained

Fresh sweet basil leaves

Fresh oregano

4 oz. Grande fresh whole-milk mozzarella cheese 

3 oz. Allied Steak Strips

2 oz. onion, sliced

2 oz. green bell pepper, sliced

2 oz. mushrooms, sliced

Dough Directions:

Pour the water in a bowl; add the flour, followed by the salt and IDY. Mix for 2 minutes at low speed. Add the oil and mix for 1 minute at low speed. Mix at medium speed for 10 minutes (finished dough temp should be 82F). Scale the dough into 10-oz. pieces.

On the following day:

Remove dough from the cooler and allow it to temper at room temperature for 90 minutes; then begin stretching the dough balls by hand to form 12" pizza skins. Brush skins with olive oil; apply minced garlic and fresh tomato slices or Tomato Fillets. Then apply a light scattering of a blend consisting of three parts green leaf sweet basil leaves and one part fresh green leaf oregano. Apply mozzarella randomly over the pizza. Add Allied Steak Strips, onion, green bell pepper and sliced mushrooms.

Bake at 525 on a deck oven until the top and bottom of the crust is a golden brown color or bake on an impingement oven at 485F for 5-10 minutes. 


Additional Information

Recipe Source: Chef Submissions
Submitted By: Tom Lehmann, The Dough Doctor