South of the Border Double-Decker Tortilla Pizza


Olive oil as needed
8-10 ea. Flour tortillas
1-1/4 c. Sour cream 
3 T. TABASCO brand Green Jalapeno Pepper Sauce
1-1/4 c. Guacamole dip 
2-1/2 c. Chipotle Pepper Sauce Beef and Bean Chili, hot 
5 oz. Black olives, sliced 
1-1/4 c. Smoked Gouda cheese, shredded 

1. Grease hot griddle lightly with olive oil.
2 .Grill tortillas on griddle until golden brown and crisp.
3. Lay out tortillas in 2 rows of 5.
4. Mix the sour cream and the TABASCO Green Jalapeno Pepper Sauce.
5. To the bottom row of tortillas, add 2 T. sour cream mix each. Spread evenly to the edges.
6. To the top row of tortillas, add 2 T. guacamole dip each. Spread evenly to the edges.
7. Top all 10 shells with 1/4 cup chili each and spread evenly to the edge.
8. Top the top row with sliced black olives, about 1 oz. each tortilla.
9. To all tortillas, add equal portions of the smoked Gouda cheese.
10. Take 1 tortilla from the top row and 1 from the bottom row, place on a pan and melt the cheese.
11. Place the olive-topped tortilla over the one from the bottom row, cut into 6 wedges, plate and serve.

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Recipe Source: Tabasco Sponsored Recipes
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