Smores Pizza with Nutella (R)


S’mores Pizza with Nutella(R)



1 each              1 each              12 inch (22.5 cm) pre-baked crust

⅓ cup              (96 g)               Nutella(R) hazelnut spread

6 oz.                (168 g)             Baby marshmallows

2 oz.                (56 g)               Hazelnut praline (see recipe below)



21 oz.              (588 g)             Sugar

7 oz.                (196 g)             Hazelnuts, partially roasted



For the Praline

1.         Caramelize the sugar until it is a light golden color.

2.         Add the nuts to the hot sugar and allow the sugar to roast them a bit more.

3.         Pour the mix onto a tray and allow to cool.

4.         When the mix has hardened completely, smash the praline into bits and pulse in a food processor to achieve the desired praline.


For the Pizza

1.         Spread the Nutella(R) over the pre-baked pizza base.

2.         Top with the marshmallows.

3.         Using a blow torch or the grill of the oven, warm the marshmallows until they puff up and turn golden brown.

4.         Dust with hazelnut praline.

5.         Serve.


Yield: 8 Slices / Portion: 1 Slice

Additional Information

Category: Pizza
Recipe Source: Manufacturers Pizza
Submitted By: Nutella(R) Foodservice