Short-rising pizza dough



13.5 L of water

25 kg Roma 00 flour

100 g dry yeast (if fresh, 250g)

325 g salt

325 g Roma extra-virgin olive oil


Place flour and yeast in mixer and let oxygenate for a couple of minutes. Add 80% of the water and mix until completely absorbed (dough should be smooth and assume a pumpkin shape). Add oil or mix until completely absorbed. Add salt and the remaining quantity of water, balancing at your discretion, in order to obtain a more or less soft dough, which has to be dry, smooth and not sticky.

Leave the dough at room temperature for 1-3 hours, them form the dough balls and let them rise for at least 1 hour. Rising time also depends on the inside room temperature of the preparation place. In all cases, heat an electric, wood or gas oven to about 610F to cook.

Dough can also be used for a longer leavening time (up to next day); store dough at 40F, decreasing yeast quantity according to length of time. 

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Recipe Source: Manufacturers Pizza
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