Pizza Cones


Large Cones from PCI Frozen Foods
ingredient of choice
To make the cones:
3/4" Pinch of cheese in Bottom
Small spoon of a thick sauce, not too watery
Then ingredient of choice
3/4" Pinch of cheese
Small spoon of a thick sauce
Ingredient of choice
Usually top with cheese

Bring ingredients up to the very top, they will melt down slightly
Cook at 450-550 for about 3-7 minutes, depending on toppings and your oven. Oven times may vary so watch the first few batches.
Let cool for a minute or two, they will be hot inside.
You can also make a mix. Toss your ingredients in cheese and even sauce, then scoop that into your cone. It melts nicely. I Suggest using crumbled pepperoni and diced ingredients if you do the mix.



Additional Information

Recipe Source: PMQ creations
Submitted By: Brian Hernandez