Omma-Lotta-Goodness (Breakfast Pie)


Ingredients: (Adjust amounts to taste)

18 oz. Dough ball

4-5 oz. eggbeaters

3 oz. diced tomatoes

1.75 oz. dice white onions

2.5 oz. diced green peppers

7.5 oz. cheese (mozz. or mexican)

2 oz. turkey bacon

2 oz. diced or sliced ham

Salt and pepper


Slap out your dough to a 14" pie, pour on the eggbeaters. You may use less or more to get the proper coverage. You don't want any dough to be peeking through. Spread it as you would a red sauce. 

Add the tomatoes, onions and green pepper, then your 7.5 oz. cheese. Then add the turkey bacon and sliced ham on top. Bake at 450-475 for about 7-10 minutes, or until eggbeaters have sufficiently firmed up. 

Additional Information

Recipe Source: PMQ creations
Submitted By: Brian Hernandez