Nick's homemade Italian beef


Makes 180 5 oz. servings


55.5 lb. beef roast (inside rounds)

2 cans, 12 oz each, tomato paste

1.5 c. parsley flakes

1.5 c. whole oregano

.330 c. salt

5 T. black pepper

5 T. garlic salt

1.5 c. dried basil


Place beef rounds in a braiser at 250F. Evenly spread tomato paste on beef rounds. Disperse remaining ingredients over beef rounds and fill with water to the top of beef rounds. Cook for 2 hours.

Flip and check in an hour to check temperature. If beef has reached 140F, remove from braiser and place in a large container in the cooler. Continue cooking beef rounds until all have reached 140F. Pour all beef juice into 5-gallon buckets and place in cooler.

Additional Information

Category: Sandwich
Recipe Source: Pizzeria Recipes
Submitted By: Nick's Pizza and Pub