Millennium 3 Pizza



12 pizza crust

2 oz pesto sauce

8 oz mozzarella cheese

6 oz roasted rosemary new potatoes (new potatoes slices, brushed with olive oil, sprinkle with rosemary and roast in oven on a sheet pan)

6 oz sauté spinach (sauté 10 oz of fresh spinach with salt and pepper and 1 medium clove of garlic(minced), 1 oz olive oil).

4 oz seasoned chicken breast (season chicken tenders with salt, pepper,a pinch of mint and cayenne, after they are grilled; cube them).

2 oz gorgonzola cheese


Spread pesto directly on crust then spread 6 oz of mozzarella. Place slices of potatoes 1/2 apart, then spread spinach. Place cubed chicken and then crumble the gorgonzola. Finish by sprinkling the remaining 2 oz of mozzarella.

Additional Information

Category: Pizza
Recipe Source: Chef Submissions
Submitted By: Gus Nassar