Grande White Pie



1-16 oz. Pizza dough ball, slacked

1 1/2 T. Olive oil

1.25 oz. garlic, roasted and minced

10 oz. Grande East Coast Blend, shredded or diced

10 oz. Grande Ricotta Sopraffina


1. Place pizza dough on a flat surface and stretch to 14 diameter.

2. Spread olive oil evenly over crust.

3. Sprinkle garlic evenly over crust.

4. Top with East Coast Blend.

5. Add Ricotta in small dollops across top of pizza.

6. Bake at 500F for 6-10 minutes in a deck over or 5-7 minutes in an impingement oven until cheese is melted and crust is golden brown.


  • Instead of dolloping the Ricotta on top of pizza cheese, spread the Ricotta on the crust and then top with East Coast Blend.
  • Sprinkle grated Parmesan and Romano on top of olive oil and garlic for a 4-cheese version.
  • Top the pie with a signature blend of herbs like oregano, basil and/or parsley for extra flavor.

Additional Information

Recipe Source: Manufacturers Pizza
Submitted By: Grande Cheese Co