Grande Tiramisu



     2 qts. Heavy whipping cream
     1 lb. Confectioners sugar
     5 oz. Instant white chocolate pudding dry mix
     3 lbs. Grande Ricotta Del Pastaio or Ricotta Sopraffina
     6 c. Double-strength coffee
     1 c. Bakers sugar
     9 pkgs. Ladyfinger cookies
     1/2 c. Cocoa powder
     3 T. Instant coffee crystals, crushed into a fine powder

1. Whip 2 qts. of heavy whipping cream. When at medium peak, add confectioners sugar and white chocolate pudding mix, then whip until stiff peak. Fold in Ricotta.

2. Brew double-strength coffee. Sweeten with 1 c. of bakers sugar.

3. Line a 20_ x 12_ x 2_ hotel pan with plastic film. 

4. Layer one-third of the ladyfinger cookies on bottom of pan. Drizzle one-third of the coffee mixture over the cookies. Layer with one-third of the cream mixture. Dust with coffee crystals and cocoa. 

5. Repeat until you have three layers of soaked cookies and three layers of cream mixture.

6. Top with remaining cocoa and coffee crystals. Top should be completely covered in cocoa powder and coffee crystals.

7. Freeze entire pan.

8.  While still frozen, slice into 3 squares. Remove from pan and place on serving plates. Cover until thawed and ready to serve.

Serving Size
28 – 3 squares

Additional Information

Recipe Source: Manufacturers Pizza
Submitted By: Grande Cheese Co