Fresh Pasta and Gnocchi


Fresh pasta with egg is produced with 70% CAPUTO flour and 30% liquid.


CAPUTO Flour 68%
Egg 20%
Water 12%
This percentage can vary.

You mix the dough slowly for 12/15 minutes. Then put the dough through the “press” to make the sheets that will be cut to make: Ravioli, tagliatelle, pappardelle, lasagne, etc..

The pasta produced via extruding has a different process, such as an industrial process to make ziti, penne, etc… 

The Composition

  • Water 25 liters (6.6 gallons)
  • CAPUTO Flour 13kg (28.5 lbs)
  • Potato flakes 4kg (9 lbs) (this has the function of softening the gnocchi)
  • Potato starch (very fine) 8kg (18 lbs) (this has the function of making gnocchi elastic)
  • Salt – 400g (14 oz)
  • E 200 Ascorbic Acid 30 g (1 oz) (this has the function of preserving)
  • Boullion cube/msg 200g (6.5 oz) (adds flavor)

Bring the water in a pot to a strong boil and then add the salt, E200 and bullion.
Then add, a bit at a time without stopping, 50% of the CAPUTO flour, all of the potato flakes, all of the potato starch, and then the balance of the flour.
Keep on high heat
The cooking time is about 12 minutes. After the dough is worked using a machine to form the shape of the gnocchi.

Note: If you lower the temperature of the water after having added all the ingredients you will get
a “softer” gnocchi that sticks a little to your teeth.

Additional Information

Recipe Source: Chef Submissions
Submitted By: Antico Molino Caputo