DeFelice Bros Special Pizza



  • 24 oz. Dough ball
  • 2 c. Red Sauce
  • 35 slices of Pepperoni
  • 9 oz. Sausage
  • 2.75 oz. Mushrooms
  • 1.75 oz. Onion
  • 1.75 oz. Green peppers
  • 8 oz. Shredded Mozzarella
  • and Provolone Cheese


Sheet dough and place in oiled 14-inch thick style pan, cover and let
proof, then cool.

Apply sauce and bake for 10 minutes at 425F.

After first bake, apply toppings. Bake again for five minutes at 425F. 

Cut and enjoy.

Additional Information

Category: Pizza
Recipe Source: Chef Submissions
Submitted By: Tim Duffy - DeFelice Bros Pizza Inc