Cannoli Cream


Ingredients :
5 1/2 c. (one 3 lb. container) Grande Sopraffina, Tenera or Dolce Ricotta
1 2/3 c. sugar
1 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

 Or for a slightly heavier cannoli cream–
8½ c. (one 5 lb. container) Grande Del Pastaio® Ricotta
2½ c. (20 oz.) sugar
2 tsp. (.25 oz.) vanilla extract

The sweetest, richest cannolis all begin the same way: with Grande fresh Ricotta. Begin with your preferred Grande Ricotta style, add some sugar, and you will see plenty of added business as customers come in for the best desserts in town.

Combine all three ingredients and whip together well. Transfer to pastry bag fit with a #5 star tip. Fill prepared cannoli shells with cream to order. Keep cream chilled below 40°F until use.

Try sprinkling the ends with chocolate chips or chopped pistachios and dusting with powdered sugar. For a unique presentation, dip the cannoli shells in white or dark chocolate before filling.

Serving Size
Fills about 30 shells

Additional Information

Submitted By: Grande Cheese Co