Basic All Purpose Pizza Dough


This is a great dough for use in making a multitude of different type of pizza and pizza products, such as a traditional thin crust, thick and deep-dish crusts, calzones, bread/dipping sticks, and dessert pizzas.

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Flour 100%

Salt 1.75%

Sugar 2%

IDY 0.375%

Water 58 to 60% (70 to 75F)

Oil 2%


Place water in mixing bowl, add flour and the remainder of dry ingredients, mix at low speed for 2-minutes, add the oil and mix for 1 additional minute at low speed, then mix at medium speed for 8 to 10-minutes. The targeted finished dough temperature is 80 to 85F. After mixing take the dough directly to the bench for scaling and balling. Place dough balls into dough boxes, lightly oil the top of the dough balls, cross stack dough boxes in the cooler for 2.5-hours, then down stack and cover to prevent drying. Doughwill be ready to use after 18-hours in the cooler, but is in its prime after 36 to 48-hours. This dough will keep for up to 72-hours in the cooler. To use the dough, remove from the cooler and allow to temper AT room temperature for 2.5 to 3-hours, then begin opening the dough into pizza skins by your preferred method, dock the dough lightly, dress to the order and bake.




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Category: Pizza Dough
Recipe Source: Chef Submissions
Submitted By: Tom Lehmann, The Dough Doctor