Once a corn-dog joint, always a corn-dog joint—even when the restaurant has been rebranded as a pizzeria.

Take, for example, Pronto Pups, a household name in Otis, Oregon since the 1940s. The company recently transformed into Otis Pizzeria, complete with online ordering and delivery. But the menu proves the eatery hasn’t forgotten its roots. Not only do corn dogs remain a staple item, Otis Pizzeria will host the first of three planned eating competitions later this month—and it’s literally all the corn dogs you can eat.

Called the Annual Otis Eating Contests, the series of events will raise money for local causes. The first one, to be held Sunday, January 27, offers $100 to the person who can eat the most Pronto Pup corn dogs in five minutes. Second- and third-place contestants receive Otis Pizzeria gift cards for $100 and $50. The entry fee is $5, with all proceeds going to Pick of the Litter Thrift Store in Newport, which supports the Lincoln County Animal Shelter.

The second contest, scheduled for Sunday, February 10, will focus on pizza, while the third one, to be held Sunday, February 24, features Philly cheesesteaks.


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