Real Time Ordering's customers "Like" new Social Media features for their online ordering software

With social media becoming an integral part of daily life, Real Time Ordering (RTO) offers restaurants three new ways to interact with their customers through the Online Ordering Platform: 

Social Log-in (or Sign-in):  This new features allows users to login to their favorite restaurant’s Online Ordering service directly from a Social Media account, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  After customers select their meals and build an order, an option to login with each of the social media accounts is presented at checkout.  RTO confirms the login information with the user on the initial request; thereafter, a user is automatically logged in after clicking on the social media icon.  Customers appreciate the convenience, as they no longer have to remember additional user names and passwords, and as a result, are likely to place more orders.

Facebook App: Considering Facebook is one of the most popular marketing tools for most restaurants, RTO designed an app to capture those customers and direct them to the Online Ordering Platform.  Restaurants using the app have seen a significant increase in online orders.  In addition to the orders, restaurants also benefit as the activity results in a Facebook post that the users share with all their friends. To view an example of a restaurant’s Facebook app for online ordering, visit Figaro’s Pizza on Facebook (

Feedback Tool: The internet has changed how consumers and businesses interact, especially in the area of customer satisfaction and feedback.  Writing a review or commenting on an experience has never been easier, as websites such as Yelp have democratized the review process. As a result, consumers turn to sites to research products and 

services they’re interested in buying or using. RTO recognizes this trend and now offers a Customer Comment section within its Online Ordering Platform.  After completing an order, customers are able to post comments and opinions to share their ordering experience with fellow diners as well as the restaurants.

The constantly changing online and mobile landscape lends new opportunities for restaurants to promote their offerings and improve the customer experience. As a leader in Online Ordering services, RTO embraces social media marketing to better serve the restaurant community.