Philadelphia, PA, July, 2011, ReadySetWork announced today the launch of a nationwide contest in search of the “Craziest Work Schedule in America.” The contest, aimed at increasing awareness among hourly shift-working employees and their managers that technology exists that will decrease the “craziness” of scheduling.

“With technology influencing all aspects of life, it’s about time that a company calls attention to the irony in the fact that while people use cell phones to communicate in real time 24 hours a day, an hourly shift-working employee still has to travel to their work place and rely on paper schedules taped to a break room wall to figure out when they are working,” said Joel Frisch, Co-Founder of ReadySetWork, a Philadelphia-based start up with a mission to clean out the clutter of traditional hourly scheduling through its streamlined, user-friendly technology application.

Contest details: 

Is your schedule covered with post it notes, cross outs, or reams of hard-to-read paper? Or, do you just rely on your manager to tell you when you are working next?  If you think you have the “Craziest Work Schedule in America,” submit it to Employees who submit will be entered to win a grand prize of $500 and their managers can win one year of free employee scheduling services from ReadySetWork!

This contest will run through December 1, 2011. Visit to upload, rate, and comment on crazy employee work schedules! 

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About ReadySetWork:

Philadelphia based (RSW) has set out to revolutionize scheduling and communication in the workplace.  RSW provides a comprehensive, web-based scheduling platform, which facilitates communication between the manager and employee via text, e-mail, or the website itself; a patent-pending system unique to ReadySetWork.  This means no more last minute scrambling.   No more missed shifts due to confusion regarding shift times.  No more commuting to work for the sole reason of finding out when you are working. No longer is scheduling a hindrance on business functions. For more information please visit:

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