As of October 1st, Rational USA’s new business structure took effect and the future looks promising as it approaches 2015.  The market leader in combi technology has divided its US structure into three business units: Regional Sales Managers (metropolitan regions), Partner Groups, and Key Accounts.  Collectively, these business units will make up Rational USA’s organization.  However, each unit will function independently from one another, allowing for each business component to focus on its core goals.       

Markus Glueck, Area Vice President of North America, explained that the US is a dynamic market, which cannot be properly managed in a single uniform approach across all regions.  Therefore, the three-prong approach allows Rational to tailor a market strategy to each unique region within the US.  In order to integrate the three business units successfully, Glueck had to make sure that each part of the structure utilized its core competencies.  As a result, Cathy Sexton has been appointed Vice President, Business Unit Regional Sales Managers USA; this unit primarily operates its business in major metropolitan cities with the support of Regional Sales Managers.  Lee Baker was appointed as Vice President, Business Unit Partners USA; this unit operates with Manufacturer Rep Groups and Area Sales Managers support its partners.  Rational USA has also welcomed John Ulrich aboard as Vice President, Business Unit Key Accounts North America; this unit is tailored specifically to chain account business across the US and Canada.  In addition, Rational has also expanded its application support team.  Fredrik Rasmusson, Corporate Chef North America, now oversees two applications chefs that will focus on the west coast and northeast regions while he focuses on the central region.  This will allow for the three business units to have ample access to application support, which will provide maximum customer benefits.

“With the three business units integrated, Rational is and will be stronger than ever before.  We are the market leader due to the fact that we specialize and focus on our strengths.  This will only help us reinforce our market presence in the US and allow us to grow as a company,” states Glueck.

By having the new business structure, each unit will be able to meet the needs and wants of each individual customer even better.  “Rational is always thinking of the future and how processes can become more efficient.  The company continues to focus on forward-thinking, which is one reason for why Rational is a unique company within the foodservice industry,” adds Glueck.

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