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Random Acts of Pizza: How to Donate

According to ABC News, “A pizza delivers cheese, it delivers sauce, it delivers goodness. And now it delivers something else: kindness.”

“The website Random Acts of Pizza lets you send a pizza to someone who really needs it. All it takes is a simple click. Dave Rogers, one of the site’s founders from San Antonio, Texas, said he got the idea a year ago when he was out of work. “You feel disconnected from society, a kind of depression sets in,” Rogers said of that period of unemployment. His site is now posted on Reddit, a community news site that also hosts other charitable outreach ideas like Closet Swap, Food Pantry, and SnackExchange. On Random Acts of Pizza, people post personal stories looking for help, and then strangers fulfill the requests that speak to them the most. If the order is for someone far away, the site suggests sending a gift card for pizza, rather than placing the order. The stories from the site are often moving, even heartbreaking.”