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Rally for Conan Draws Hundreds, Conan Arrives with Free Pizza

""According to, “around three to four hundred hardcore Conan O’Brien fans braved the drenching rain to rally for the Tonight Show outside Universal Studios this afternoon. ‘Jay Leno sucks!’ the crowd chanted in between screaming at passing by cars as horns were honked. Packed to capacity, people spilled out onto Lankershim Boulevard before police calmed and spread the crowd out.”

“La Bamba made a couple appearances in a pope-like-mobile truck. Then, finally, Conan appeared, running down Lakershim Boulevard, prompting a running of the bulls moment towards Universal Studios’ Gate 2. Security stopped fans from entering studio property, but the driveway entrance was incapacitated. ‘Conan stopped the rain,’ crowds chanted as blue skies peeked out. Eventually, Tonight Show staff brought out free pizza from Miceli’s, the local pizzeria in the Cahuenga Pass (there is a Hollywood location, too), as Conan made his way to a roof to wave a fans. The whole time, people were just screaming their heads off. Celebrity chaos at its best,” the story said.